Magellan Crisis Communications

Responding to Traumatic Events

Traumatic events are often frightening and upsetting, causing a range of intense physical, emotional and psychological symptoms. People commonly feel shock and disbelief right after the traumatic event, and may have a hard time accepting the reality of what happened.

The following tip sheets can be used to help relieve traumatic stress reactions and begin healing.

As a Magellan client or member, here’s how to use these resources:

  • Employers – Contact your Magellan Account Representative to have the tip sheets imprinted with your Employee Assistance Program information and phone number.
  • Federal, State and County Agencies – Share the link to this website or its resources with your employees and program participants.
  • Commercial Health Plans – Share the link to this website or its resources with your clients and members.
  • Members – Read the tip sheets and visit the links to learn what to do before, during and after traumatic events, natural disasters and other emergencies.

We also encourage you to visit the website for additional preparedness information such as guides and videos for events including:

Active Shooter Avalanche Bioterrorism Chemical Emergencies Cybersecurity
Drought Earthquakes Emergency Alerts Explosions Extreme Heat
Floods Hazardous Materials Incidents Home Fires Household Chemical Emergencies Hurricanes
Landslides & Debris Flow Nuclear Explosion Nuclear Power Plants Pandemic Power Outages
Radiological Dispersion Device Severe Weather Snowstorms & Extreme Cold Space Weather Thunderstorms & Lightning
Tornadoes Tsunamis Volcanoes Wildfires